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Las Habbox 8 – If U Seek Britney8
By - Posted 18th August, 2016 at 11:59 pm Habbox

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o73xggThere was only really one thing left to do in Las Habbox that they hadn’t done already. They had to go and see a show.

There was tons on – Laura and Lauren fancied going to see Derrick Barry in the Mirage hotel, but Kelly and Lauren’s new husband Fat Elvis fancied the real Britney just down the road. The problem with Las Habbox is there was waaaaay too much choice!

They looked over the schedules and decided that if they planned VERY carefully, they could actually squeeze in 6 different shows in one day. There were different events at each one and different things to take part in… it was going to be a jam-packed day alright!

To be in with the chance of winning 20c, and a guaranteed point for your team, just comment down below which show (singer, comedian, dance etc etc) you’d like to see most in Las Habbox/Vegas!

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    disrespectful commented on 19th August, 2016

    God bless his soul, Elvis Presley would of been perfect and Whitney Houston. Hmmmm, let’s see. Celine Dion, she’s great!

    FlyingJesus commented on 19th August, 2016

    CHER of course!

    despect commented on 19th August, 2016

    Its not very conventional but comedian HAS to be Miranda Hart!

    thatc00lgirl commented on 19th August, 2016


    dbgtz commented on 19th August, 2016

    Does a freak show count

    Alexthedoc commented on 19th August, 2016

    beyonce totally

    Lill-MeeDK commented on 19th August, 2016

    The Beatles x

    Shonly commented on 19th August, 2016

    adele x