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Leave a note with a stickie!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:13 pm

Habbo have been hard at work, looking at ways in which they can revitalize the sticky system and promote interaction amongst Habbo’s users… and they have come up with a much welcome solution – The Sticky Pole! 

For only 500 pixel points you can purchase the pole, which allows Habbos visiting your room to write a comment on a sticky and turn your wall into a ‘virtual guestbook.’  Purchasable from the Accessories section in the Catalogue, the pole can be moved between your rooms.

Another twist to the new pole system is that you can acquire Achievement Badges, for posting and receiving messages. The more messages you leave and the more messages you get = the higher your achievements! So why not get started? 

What else do you need to know? 


  • When a Habbo has scribbled a note onto your wall, a signature will be automatically added so that you know who left the message and when it was placed.
  • Owners of the room can edit or even delete any stickies at anytime. 
  • If you’re online at the time of when someone has left you a message, then you will be notified as soon as possible. If you aren’t online at the present time of a message being left then you will receive the notifications via e-mail, the e-mail will tell you where the message was left and how many messages you got. (If you don’t want to receive these e-mails then you can edit this option in your Account Settings.)
  • Stickies can be moved around on walls, so if you’re the owner of the room or have rights then you will be able to do this. 
  • People without rights can no longer write in any empty spaces on stickies.
  • You can fit 200 stickies in a room. 

What do you think about the new stickie poll? 

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