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Left a bit… down a little… great! The groups are now improved!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:28 pm
The new groups have been updated!!! 

The hard-working technicians at Sulake have been skimming through your productive comments and have (hopefully) made the groups easier to use, more attractive and more modernised. There’s a little bit of ‘update’ for everyone… even you non-HC/non-VIP’s benefit from the updates! Group members limit, friend stream and group forums are just some of the fantastic updates, here is the entire list…

* Anyone can join up to 3 of the ‘new’ groups without being a HC/VIP member ~ This is fantastic for thousands of users who aren’t part of a VIP/HC subscription, they can now join a maximum of 3 groups compared to the previous maximum of 2.

* Groups can now have a maximum of 5000 members ~ This is much better than the original 500, but may be a challenge for some very popular groups such as ‘answers’ who have about 23,000 members.

* You will be warned if you’re about to select a homeroom for your group in which other Habbos already have rights in ~ This is helpful for notifying you of users who already have rights in that room, in case you want to remove their rights for a certain reason.

* When a new group is created, the forum and its thread settings have been change from public to members only. For groups this means that non-members can no longer access your forums ~ This could also mean better protection over ‘trolls’… they’ll have to be a member of the group in order to access the forum, and if they ‘troll’ you can simply remove their membership.

* A stream message will be displayed to your friends when you create and/or join a group ~ This will be incredibly useful for regular users of the friend stream, and will notify more people of your new group.

* When group members add furni to a homeroom, the owner’s name and a link to his or her extended profile have been added to the furni’s infostand, this way anyone can see who actually owns the items placed in the group’s homeroom ~ Many users have already spotted this update and have found it quite interesting to take a peek at the owner of the furniture, it will also make it easier for group owners to spot who has placed furniture in the room!

* Two of the menus for Group management have been merged. You’ll have one menu that lets you accept new member requests, kick existing members and granting/revoking rights. The Group management window is now reserved for Group owners only ~ This is making it a lot easier for group owners to control their group settings & members… making it less confusing and a lot quicker!

Remember, if you don’t know how to purchase a group… it’s rather simple! You must have VIP to purchase one of the ‘new’ groups and it will cost you an additional 10 credits to purchase the group. All you have to do is go to the ‘groups’ page in the catalogue and follow the instructions from there. It’s easy as 1 – 2 – 3!

So, the overall ‘word of mouth’ is that these new updates are very impressive to great numbers of people. We all hope to see more group updates in the future!

Are you pleased by these new group updates? Which one is your favourite? Share your views now by posting them below!

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