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Let's breed some pets!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:44 pm

Once again Habbo has more major updates on the way. Coding has been found, which suggest that pets will become breedable in-game. The only idea that was suggested on Habbo’s UserVoice board related to this subject was by zinaday. They suggested it for horses only meaning if we had one we could then breed with theirs. Although it seems that Habbo wants it to be more general then just one type of pet. Their suggestion only received 5 votes and 2 comments (as of 24/11/2012), although Habbo seems to be taking this idea on board unlike many others.

As seen from the coding it looks like you’ll have to buy a nest for the animals to breed and possibly food so they have energy to create an outcome. This idea is also quite similar to the Monster Plants although you gain the option of giving your new pet a name. The pet will also have a rareness level from common to epic.

gotobreedingnestfailure.getnest=Get a breeding nest
gotobreedingnestfailure.message.1=This room has no breeding nests suitable for your pet.
gotobreedingnestfailure.message.0=This room has no breeding nests.
gotobreedingnestfailure.message.6=Your pet is too tired to breed.
gotobreedingnestfailure.getfood=Get some pet food
breedpets.confirmation.widget.raritycategory.4=COM MON (%percent%%)
breedpets.confirmation.widget.raritycategory.2=RAR E (%percent%%)
breedpets.confirmation.widget.raritycategory.3=UNC OMMON (%percent%%)
breedpets.confirmation.widget.raritycategory.1=EPI C (percent%%) the name of the puppy and try again!

 After receiving this news we decided to find out what the users of Habbox Forum thought:

LiquidLuck.: “This is disgusting… LOL”
e5: “Yay awesome. Wonder what the cost will be?”
Empired: “Seems like another one of Habbo’s stupid plans… set up to fail before it begins as usual.”

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