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Let's talk about mods!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:36 pm

Today Paul LaFontaine (CEO of Sulake) tweeted an article talking all about moderators. Lets break it down!

In the tweet Paul talked about some very interesting topics. Some of these topics were: CFH participation, Good User Care, and the operation of the HabboCM group.

CFH (Call For Help) was one of the major topics Paul talked about. He explained how Habbo may be introducing a new community participation plan  when talking about CFH. A few trusted Habbos possibly will be acting as the first line of help for anyone in need.

“That’s why we are bringing back and modernizing a popular past program where mature, trusted senior Habbos act as the first line of help.”

The second topic explored was Good User Care. Paul’s goal is to get on track with the principals of communication volume. He explained how currently Sulake is working on getting the right number of helpers to balance out the number of CFHs.

The last topic was the management of HabboCM (Habbo Community Management). HabboCM will be supported and overseen by the moderators currently on the Habbo Hotel.

“This creates a balance of local Habbo expertise and staff controlled ban power for serious offenses that ensures fair treatment for all.”

Also mentioned was individual bans and how Paul cannot actually doing anything himself, but tweeting him can help. So next time you are banned for any reason, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to tweet him with your opinion on the ban.

What is your thought? Are mods doing well? Why not post your views below by clicking “Read more & Comment.”

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