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Light Aircraft Crashes In Sussex0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:18 pm

Exploding tragic news spread over news channels, involving a light aircraft.

Police have said that after the collision, the pilot avoided crashing into a nearby house by steering his plane into a recreation ground nearShoreham Airport, which is close to Brighton. The second aircraft, which landed safely, was a Diamond DA40 and the two crew on board were shaken but uninjured. The pilot of the plane that crashed was sixty three years old and lived locally. He was declared dead at the scene of the accident. Luckily, although there were people in the recreation ground at the time of the tragedy, there were no other casualties.

Police sealed off the A259 Brighton Road and warned motorists of delays. Sussex Police Superintendent, Neil Honner has said that what had occurred was a very tragic incident. He said it appeared that the dead pilot managed to avoid hitting local houses and the crashed into the open recreation ground.

There has been a team from the Air Accidents Investigation Branch at the crash site. One of the planes involved in the crash belonged to a company called ‘Flying Time Aviation’, which is based at Shoreham Airport and provides training for pilots.

The company has said that both the pilots operating their aircraft were not injured. A local man, Rob piatt, who is from Shoreham was in a pub garden when he heard a bang from overhead. He said he saw the tail fin from one of the aircraft floating down and that the pilot was weaving all over the place. He stated that it was a miracle that no one on the recreation ground was injured as it is a popular are for dog walkers and near to a childrens playground.

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