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Lost and forgotten… furniture from the past!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:29 pm
Why not have a read and see which pieces of furniture have been ‘lost’ from the hotel…

Don’t panic and suddenly think “OMG, has my furni been lost?!” because… that’s not actually what we’re trying to talk about. You may probably remember some of the campaign furni – e.g. Childline teleporters, which have had their branding removed (the childline teleporters no longer say ‘childline’ they are just green) but there are also some hidden gems (or hidden furni) which have been lost/forgotten about since 2001!

Chess boards and tic tac toe/noughts and crosses:

For the very few members of the Finnish hotel in 2000/2001, you will have noticed that Habbo had working chess boards and tic tac toe games on the hotel. These were only released onto the Finnish hotel (scripted in the UK – but never released) and were probably removed due to them being ‘buggy’ and causing a lot of errors in rooms.

Luckily, some very helpful people took screenshots of the chessboards and tic tac toe games… so we can show you a picture of what they looked like before they were removed! 

For all you ‘uninformed’ people, the tic toe is the game on the left… and chess is on the right (ironically). 

Candles, posters and mode furniture:

No-one is quite sure why some types of candles were removed from the hotel, they were brought out to celebrate Habboween and did remain around for a long time until being removed in v26. There have been many posters which have been changed (read on to see more about changed furniture) but very few have been removed, 1 example of this is a poster which said “The noble and silver show” – no-one is sure why it was removed.

Now, for those of you thinking “those lodge plinths are pretty cool… I wish they had mode plinths!”… well, Habbo did actually introduce mode ‘plinths’ back in 2000/2001. The reason for them being removed is unknown, but they did seem like a pretty neat edition to the hotel!

The picture on the right, shows all 3 items!

Unknown furniture:

There have been many pieces of furniture which have appeared in staff rumours, questioning whether the furniture range would actually be released or not. Some pieces of furniture discovered in staff rooms included the white parasol and a furniture range which has become known as ‘organic’.

The ‘organic’ furniture range looks almost as if it belongs in a ‘sculpture/art’ furniture range instead, due to it’s sleek design and it’s fantastic colour combination (pink and black) but it is still unknown why it was never released!

Changed furniture:

A lot of furniture has been changed over time. Whether it be branded furniture or older versions of Habbo furniture… quite a lot of furniture has been changed since the start of Habbo!

Childine, 0800 reverse and lego branded furniture have all been edited so that the logos are no longer displayed on furniture. For example, the childine rug no longer has the childline logo on it anymore. Also, nearly every furniture range has been developed since the very start of Habbo – the very first area seats looked as if they were made on paint in 5 minutes! It’s truly astounding how we now have animated furniture on Habbo compared to non-realistic furniture 10 years ago.

Many posters have been completely changed – in total, 17 posters have been changed since the start of Habbo due to either branding or just development of furniture items. For example, the infobus wall poster/item was originally a poster with a smiley face on it… shocking isn’t it?! (The picture on the left is showing this example).

So, bet you’re surprised about just how much furniture has changed throughout Habbo… I certainly am! Oh, I also forgot to mention – there’s also rumours of a ‘white amber’ on the hotel as well… guess the staff just love making all the super rares a plain colour!

Have you been around long enough to experience some of this old furniture? Would you like some of these furnitures to make a re-appearence? Share your view now by posting it below!

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