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Ludus Resigns0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:04 pm

Today unconfirmed news has hit HabboxForum! It is reported that Ludus is no longer a member of staff on Habbo UK.
Ludus has today posted on his Facebook profile starting that he had “made a tough decision today!93sh_290_92.lg_275_110.c.gif Time for immediate change in my life and getting my degree is my #1 priority.” – We are given the impression he has resigned from Sulake in order to focus on his studies and degree. Ludus’ homepage is also now hidden.
Although this is unconfirmed the sources are leading to the reports being correct. It is still unknown whether Habbo UK will make any comment about the loss of such a valuable staff member who made an amazing impact on the Habbo Community.
Ludus has entertained us with many of his events, continuous Hotel Alerts, his involvement in large events such as Habwrecked and his interaction with the Habbo Community.
If these reports are correct, he will be sadly missed.
Check back soon for confirmation on this!
Update 01/04/2010 – Today it is confirmed Ludus is no longer Habbo Staff. You can leave a farewell/thank you message for him by clicking here. This was today confirmed by Lost_Witness in a Habbo Article.

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