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Madison’s Recommended Feel-Good Songs!2
By - Posted 23rd January, 2018 at 9:33 pm Entertainment

Do you like feel-good songs? Then you’re in for a treat! Today I will be showing you some of the tunes made to lighten your mood! To listen, all you have to do is smash that “Read More” button!

Have you had a bad day? Want to turn your day around? Or do you just feel like having a good sing-song on an amazing day? Whatever situation – good or bad – you may be in, you can always make it better by listening to a good tune! Turn the volume on the speakers up! It’s time to listen to some happy songs! Who knows? You might even end up saving them to your favourites! 😉

Madison’s Recommended Feel-Good Songs

Click on the song titles to listen to the song!

Easy Love – Sigala

What I like about this song is that it has a good beat! It also has Michael Jackson’s vocals in it, which I’ve just got to love! I just want to dance to it, and I imagine a world where everyone’s just dancing to this awesome Summer tune! Sounds weird, right? Listen to it, and tell me what you imagine in your head when you hear this infectious song!

The Vamps – Wild Heart

Who likes a bit of acoustic guitar in a song? I do, every now and again! The melody in this is bouncing with joy, the guitar adds a teenage vibe and the lyrics combined with the vocals just make this a phenomenal banger!

Let The Sun Shine – Labrinth

This song really takes me back! I love the catchy sound of hands clapping as the dynamics increase in the second verse! When I heard this on the radio many years ago, I fell in love with it! It’s very crazy to think that I was still in primary school when this song came out! I, of course, still love this happy Summer anthem! Do you?

Verge – Owl City ft. Aloe Blacc

I first heard this song when I was tuned in to HabboxLive. Yes. This very fansite’s radio! When it ended I was sad, because it was such a good tune and I didn’t want it to end so soon! Once you hear this song, you really do feel like you’re on the verge of the rest of your life!

Do You Believe? – Disneyland Paris

Now this is the cheesiest entry onto this list, but it’s filled with happiness and joy, so why wouldn’t it make this list? This song was a part of the 20th Anniversary Celebration in Disneyland Paris back in 2012. I must say, lately I have become quite obsessed with Disneyland songs; I have to admit it! It makes me feel good, and the vocals in this song, with the “oh’s” and the “yeah’s” filling in the instrumental parts of the song, make it magical. I feel like I’m in Disneyland when I hear this tune, and I wish I could have been there when it took place!

What do you think of these Feel-Good songs? Let me know in the comments section down below! Why not give this article a like? 😉

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Like! 3
    Shonly commented on 25th January, 2018

    ahh i love do you believe. always reminds me of when i went to Disneyland cos it played every time the parade was happening.

    madison0442 commented on 25th January, 2018

    Yeah I love it! At one point I was listening to it on repeat! Idk why they don’t put them songs on Spotify! 😀