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Manchester Arena Explosion2
By - Posted 23rd May, 2017 at 1:38 am Current Affairs

Hundreds of concert-goers excited to see their idol were left terrified after an explosion at the Manchester Arena late on Tuesday night.

People were excited to finally see their idol Ariana Grande, but excitement turned to chaos as they made their way out of the stadium after the concert. The crowd and security fled the scene en masse after an explosion in the foyer rocked the building, with many early reports showing trample damage but no solid evidence as to what had occurred. Some people were covered in blood, others were fighting, with claims as to the source of the noise varying from a speaker explosion, a gunshot, a bomb, or even just the popping of a large balloon. As police and ambulance services came rushing to the scene it was revealed that “several” fatalities had been discovered (edit: now confirmed at 22 deaths) and the incident was being treated as a terrorist attack.

At Victoria station, which is connected directly to the venue, all trains were cancelled and security forced an evacuation. The police are treating this as a serious terrorist attack and have locked down the area. The Holiday Inn and other various local businesses have offered to take in those who have been separated from their loved ones or are unable to return home, and the investigations look set to continue well into the rest of the week.

For discussion and updates on this horrific event, please check our forum thread on the topic by clicking here.

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madison0442 Commented on 23rd May, 2017

WOOOO! AWESOME ARTICLE!!! You’re like a news reporter 😀

RamenNatalie Commented on 24th May, 2017

Thankyou x

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