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Rare values

Rare values

Trading is back! Find out what your furni's worth or browse for your next rare purchase, courtesy of our fabulous value reporting team!

Rare values
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Market Place Rigging!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:21 pm

Just a quick caution to you all!

Some users will already know about users “fixing” prices in the Market place – but for those of you who don’t know, we’re here to inform you on this issue!

When the Market place, was introduced to Habbo, some users saw it as a handy way to gain a profit on rares. For example, a user could purchase a rare for 103c – then wait a few days – and sell the rare again at a higher price, e.g. 109c. Therefore gaining a nice, little profit. However some users decided to take this to a more extreme level, by “rigging” rare values. This works when a user sells an item, for an amount which is a lot higher than the actual value.

A good example of this – which we’ve discovered – is the dragon egg, here it is…

As you can see some user has decided to sell the item, successfully, for 706 credits. Which has had a “knock-on” effect – so now users have started selling at higher prices (as we can see… ‘354’c).

We can reveal the ‘actual price’ of the rare (According to Habbox values) is ‘315c’. So 1 user has sold the rare for 391c higher than the original value – this is how rare values get rigged by users. This isn’t a “1 time” situation – Habbox have discovered 9 rares alone, which had their values “rigged” (however most of these rare values have gone back to normal).

Some users have also been wondering about how “Pixel/Starter” furniture has appeared in the Market place. Some users have “changed” the furniture, in order to make it sell-able in the market place and trade-able, however, we’re not sure how they “changed” the furniture. (We recommend, NOT buying these “Pixel/Starter” items – no matter if they’re trade-able or sell-able, people aren’t that interested in “Pixel/Starter” furniture).

If you’re thinking “Oh no … does this mean there’s no way to accurately check rare values?!” Don’t panic!

Habbox have a dedicated team of ‘Rare Value Reporters’ who constantly work to make sure the ‘Habbox rare values’ are accurate! The prices are constantly updated – and the values are always monitored , to make sure the values are precise and accurate! So before purchasing a rare or other piece of furniture from the market place (or other users) – be sure to check the ‘Habbox Rare Values’ page! By going here…!/Rares

Have you ever bought a “fake priced” rare? What do you think of the current prices of furniture on Habbo? Share your view now, by clicking “Read more and Comment”!

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