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Who saved Santa?

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Who saved Santa?
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Happy New Year!
Market Watch #10
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:39 pm

The all comprehensive guide to profitable trading on Habbo, with new sections every week.

In this weekly article, profitable trading, or as it shall be known throughout the article, and is known quite well by the public as well as “Merching“,  shall be broken down into digestible chunks with tips and tricks. In this first article, the general ideas of merching shall be introduced, and covered, the current general suggestions shown and tips of the week will also be given.

The art of merching is one which requires a decent amount of patience, and perhaps sometimes a bit of luck, but there is also some golden points which will make it much easier for you. Personally, the largest mistake anyone makes when trying to profit trade is going into 2 for 1c shops and buying most of their stock. This is certainly one of the worst ideas out there, though there may be golden gems out there to grab which are seriously undervalued at 2 for 1c, you have to consider why they are in a 2 for 1c shop in the first place, being one of two different reasons in general. Firstly, the most common one, they are not worth any more or are very hard to sell at 1c. The other reason may be that the person just wishes to unload their items for credits much quicker and easier, but this is still normally because they are struggling to sell at 1c. Therefore, the buying of these items really will offer a difficulty in reselling, and is far too slow, and lacking in profits.

A major suggestion for merching is to know all your profit margins, as a bad buy can leave you with stock that will either take you a long time to sell for a decent profit, or leave you with only one choice, a massive loss, and this really can effect weekly profits. This also links to the point that you should also know which items take you a particularly long time to sell, as these can also effect weekly profits, even though they may seem like quite a good profit in themselves.

Another big no must be stamped on a certain item that people also seem to think works wonders for profit making, but really they are mining copper in a gold mine. This item is none other than the Lodge Plinth, and these are generally very hard to focus enough trading on to match large weekly profits of the bulk traders or the general norm or rare traders. The problem here lies in the fact that most people selling them are also trying to use them for profit, but also in the fact that there is low profit margins for them, and you are unlikely to sell them quickly for full price without constant pestering about bulk deals on them, which people buying them generally take as a given.

The final general tip for this edition will be on the topic of bulks. In general, bulks are certainly the way forward, leading to the best profit per amount of time (PPU). This is because with popular bulks, people are likely to buy a lot of them, and sometimes all of them at once, meaning there is a large profit gained at once for immediately putting on new items, while with a very large spread of items people are unlikely to want a great deal of them so often, though it is still recommended to buy single items if they are within the profit margins, as you are likely to find more of them anyway if you have the money for a large stock, and this means that bulks create a much larger PPU.

The next covering of this article will be on current suggestions based upon the time, divided over two sections, short term and long term.

In the short term, at the moment, furniture in the Garden and Summer ranges will be thriving with interest, and therefore these will be much easier to sell, but also find. Exams will also soon be ending, meaning that there will be a greater number of people playing again, therefore more people to buy your stock. However, at this sort of time, winter items are unlikely to sell so well, so stock should be moulded around this accordingly.

In the long term, Halloween will soon be arriving, and in this time there is a great interest in the items from the Habboween, Gothic and Swamp ranges, and as these are all seasonal items, there will be a spike in price just before release into the catelogue, as everyone rushes to get these items. It may also be a good time to start stocking up on items for doing the exact same in the winter, with both the Christmas range, and the Cabin range also. With the Olympics coming up, stocking up on the Greek range may also be a good idea, but there is a lot less of this and there will likely be many new items so this is not such a great way of investing your money but may well be very successful still.

The last part of the article is rather what the very name of the weekly article is about, as here there will be suggestions of good items to be buying and tips of the week. One of my suggestions currently must be Lupines, These are not too hard to find at cheap prices, and if seen are certainly worth buying. Recently these were also released into the catelogue, and i got these at 25 of each colour for 54c each. After they left I have sold them for over 3c per, and this is a common occurrence if you can find the right buyer, as some will buy bulk lupines for ridiculously high prices if they are desperate, as they are not the easiest item to come by.

Another suggestion is Executive Bars, a common manor favourite, with people readily selling at 1c per with possible bulk deals. If lucky these can be found in numbers of three figures, and are easily sold over a short period of time for 2 for 3c, being a relatively safe bet as they are never subject to any fluctuation of price.

My final suggestion this week is Greek Corners. Ignoring the potential for large profits reselling before the Olympics, these are rather beneficial for short term profit. Being a not so commonly merched item, you will not have so much competition on buying them if found. Easily bought at 1c per or 2 for 3c, these can be sold 3c per without much hassle.

In the next part of Market Watch, next week, pointers on how to arrange your shop and also tips for buying technique will be covered. If you have any questions that you would like me to cover, please comment below so that they can be covered this following week.

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