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Market Watch #30
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:40 pm

The third edition of the all comprehensive guide to profitable trading, covering all aspects over a number of weeks.

In last weeks edition, we covered the makings of your own shop, and also delved into the realm of buying technique along with the usual general item recommendations. This edition will be slightly smaller just covering more buying technique as promised, but the normal general item recommendations will as always be included.

Buying technique is mildly underrated in the world of Habbo trading, but by no means should it be that way. I will cover two main areas of buying technique today, that of how to look for your items, and that of how to secure your items.

Looking for items can sometimes be a bit of a bore. Some players will always get beaten to the good deals by those experienced in merching, and this can cause problems for profiting. One important factor to remember is that a first come first serve attitude is given by most sellers, with the exception of highly unfair sellers who will sell to anyone who asks and not necessarily the first. Because of this, I would highly suggest the skimming tactic, where one enters a shop and quickly scans the contents looking for profitable items, and not necessarily just an item that may happen to appeal to you. Some merchants after a while develop the ability to see profits instead of items upon entering a room as they become able to instinctly tell profitable items based upon colour and shape, and therefore can hop between rooms with much greater speed, and will pick up the good profits quickly and early on, thus maximising profits and becoming the person I mentioned at the beginning of the paragraph. Though it takes a long time to get to this level, skimming will still allow you to pick up more frequent good deals even if you are not able to distinctly see profits instead of items.

Securing your buys is also vital to maximising profits. This is where the junk I mentioned last week really does come in handy. I recommend using all strategies available to secure your deals, be it pleading with them, convincing them, or adding extra value. Though adding an extra credit or two on is likely to normally secure deals, offering to add one piece of your junk will often also secure these deals, and for me personally teapots really are marvelous for this. They appear to have a good effect, especially on the sellers of the items I deal in who generally like to build houses and manors, and often secure deals with just one of them, which over the long run will save hundreds and hundreds of credits in profit.

I will now cover the general item recommendations. This week we will have two items, which will be the Creaky Floor and Romantique Chair. The Creaky Floor is a common favourite, often fluctuating in value between 4 and 5 credits, but do not let this deter you. I have seen these traded by some people for far lower to get it sold quite frequently, and these are amazing buys to get, as they can bring massive profits as they are always under high demand, by casino owners and builders, manor designers, and other people alike.

The Romantique Chair is also an item under very high demand. Now that the Romantique category has been taken away from the catelogue these have had the ability to sell at 3 credits much better now then they used to, however people will still often sell for 2 for 3c or 2c per because this is a price they were always used to. Before this was taken out of the catelogue these could still be pretty easily sold for 2 for 5c, and had the possibility of being sold 3c per if you were persistent enough, often being sold in large quantities, and now this is far easier providing very useful profits, as people will always buy these off you in bulk without asking for bulk deals normally.

This concludes Market Watch for this week. If you have any questions you would like to be answered next week, please leave them below so they can be answered.

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