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Market Watch #50
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:41 pm

The fully comprehensive guide to profitable trading.

In this edition, we shall be covering a topic mentioned a few times before previously, that of stagnant stock. As usual, there shall also be item suggestions so do not fret about that. The topic of stagnant stock is an important one, as it appears as a common mistake with budding new traders that can lead to masses of profit and time being wasted, and therefore I feel it deserves a place in market watch this week.

First of all, stagnant stock is where a trader has bought items that will not sell for any profit for a reasonable amount of time, or that is having little interest if any. Such items include the Runway Catwalks, which if you do buy them into stock, will actually increase in number over time with you selling less than you buy. Though this isn’t a massive problem as these are still very profitable, the main problem lies in buying massive bulks of an item for a lot of your stock cash pile and having it lie around in your shop for a month or two without selling, taking up precious amounts of your cash that could be used to create further profits. This can sometimes catch people unawares though, and can happen with items that have previously sold very well for you, so If in doubt whether something will sell well, do not buy too much, a general rule being that you should limit yourself to a small sample of the item to see how it fairs, and make sure not to buy it higher then the price you would sell it at to sell quickly if worst comes to worst.

This next paragraph shall now cover methods to deal with stagnant stock. The first thing you should try is to make it stand out more with the methods discussed in previous editions, so that hopefully you can sell it soon for profit and not have to worry about any further solutions which aren’t as good. Unfortunately this will nearly always only sell a small portion of the stagnant stock, so another solution must be put into play. Firstly, when events do return, think about hosting events advertising you selling a bulk deal that seems good about the stagnant stock, as bulk deals immediately attract customers without them realising that it still may not be cheap. Another thing to consider is putting the items into the marketplace. Most items will sell decently in here regardless of how well they sell in shops, and this can be used to still possibly get some profit, however it will often take much longer then any other methods, other than method one. The final method which is probably the most obvious however, is selling the items far cheaper than the normal price you would sell at. Try to avoid selling lower than the price you bought when doing this, but this may not always be possible, so this should only be a last resort method.

In this article, there will only be one item recommendation, but I will stem further possibilities from it. This is the Door Teleport. This item may not be seen as great to trade for profit with being a teleport, but assuming you are careful that you do not pick up those that do not link, there is big profit to make from these. They are probably the most bought teleport in shops, mainly because of the fact that they have a design that actually works nice in room building unlike many other of the cheap teleports. It is not hard to pick up these at 1c per if you try hard enough, and selling 2c per will be a breeze with these. This also brings me onto the option of other teleports. Though they may not seen to have a great profit potential, those such as the Imperial Teleport actually also share good money potential, and the lack of a fixed price and no effect from the marketplace means you are more free to get profit with these, which is one of the major advantages for teleports.

If you have any further questions, or have anything that you would like to be covered next week, please leave a comment below.

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