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McDonalds – I'm lovin' it [Review]0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:40 pm

Mcdonalds Banner

McDonalds – I’m lovin’ it
Owned by McDonalds

McDonalds Banner 2

This room is sleek, colourful and stylish! I see no comparison to the real McDonalds restaurants…

Although the room does not portray McDonalds’ rather damp and dusty restaurants true to life, it is a fabulous design nonetheless. McDonalds’ red and yellow theme is interwoven throughout and the choice of furniture mimics a restaurant to a T – or perhaps to an M; The iconic golden arches, made from Neon Cubes, is a fantastic addition to the room and is instantly recognisable as McDonalds’ logo. I believe that McDonalds – the name of the room’s creator, ironically – has the best McDonalds restaurant on Habbo.com – and believe me, there are a lot of McDonalds Restaurants on Habbo. Not only is the design fun and creative, but her Habbo name makes the room carry a sense of authenticity and also allows users to find the room fast, which means the room fills up quickly and makes the whole experience much more enjoyable!

Particular points of interest:

  • Plenty of seats, tables and walking space.
  • Nice kitchen area contains a Football Gate to quickly change into the McDonalds uniform.
  • Stylish use of Diner Bars that border the entire room.
  • The large ‘M‘ made from Neon Cubes.
  • Mannequin with a cute Ronald McDonald costume for all to use.
  • Over 1000 members in the group – greater roll-playing opportunities. 

There’s not much room for improvement; Well done to McDonaldsher name is truly uncanny – for creating such a wonderful room! 

Taking everything into consideration, from the vibrant and fun appearance to the creativity used, I have decided to rate this room a very high:


You can visit the room here, and can leave your own opinions in the comments below!

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