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Meet Our Content Managers!4
By - Posted 23rd March, 2016 at 10:22 pm Habbox

As Content Assistant General Manager, I may be a bit biased when I say that my Content managers are the best. I currently have two new managers out of the four (including Rare Values manager which is myself), so I have decided it would be fun and informative if I asked them a couple of questions in order to make this Q&A article.

Click Read More and Comment to check out the Q&A!

 I’ll start off with an easy question. What is your department currently working on? 

Bolt660: Hey there! Whilst I’m still relatively new to the articles department, I can confirm we have lots of exciting things coming up this month! Our monthly Agony Aunt article will be once again in full swing and will allow people not only the chance to share their problems, but for some lucky person to actually give the advice too! I’m currently working on a competition for Mother’s Day in which there will be a hefty prize! This month we’ve also established a connection between debates and articles, meaning people can get involved not only on the forum but on the main site too. We will soon be working on the big Easter 24 hour event in our department this year, which promises to be super exciting! Another feature we are looking at introducing this month is interaction awards, which will reward people for interacting with our articles. Asides from all of that we are doing our main job of keeping the community up to date with the latest news, events and other fun stuff to keep them entertained!

Expling: We’re currently working as a team on developing the wiki and main site. We’re focusing on ensuring the quality is high and the content itself is beneficial! At the moment, we’re a rather small department and so another thing we’re working on is the staff numbers – trying to hire as many people as possible!

welshcake: Sadly, I have to give the department up (as I’ve been acting manager for ages) so currently the department is working on getting staff who are willing to be trained to eventually become a manager. Apart from that we are just working on our Easter event and some nice fortnightly articles that will be posted on behalf of the department.

Why should people join your department?

Bolt660: People should join the Articles Department because it’s the one department where you’re not really doing a job- you’re doing a hobby. We allow staff to write about practically anything that they think would be interesting for people to read, from sports to music, to television, to Habbo. This wide range of topics means that if you’ve got an interest in a particular area you can write about it for the enjoyment of not only others but for yourself. It can be extremely rewarding to know that your passion for a subject is being shared with others through the medium of writing. If you struggle with writing then, it’s no issue really as we are always on hand to help. With a minimum requirement of just one article per week, it really is a nice relaxing and engaging department that allows you to do something you enjoy. There are always more opportunities to get involved in helping to plan new features and events, and working as part of a team to create a successful and happy department at Habbox!

Expling: Because we’re the best obviously! No, joining Content Design would be extremely worthwhile and you’d gain an experience like no other; it might seem boring at first but it’s actually really fun when you get into it! There’s plenty of room for development and so people are welcome to join to learn more about habbo, develop their skills with wikis or even try and get their SPaG perfect!

Mrs_Plant: I like to think we’re the main part of Habbox. Without Graphics, you wouldn’t have your little banners, forum icons, etc. So if you want to see your work being used throughout the site then why not join. Great way to get known and to show off your talent. Not only that we are a close department, so even if you have never had the confidence to show your work, or to even attempt we will be sure to help you out. So yeah this is why people should join! Be unique Be Graphics

welshcake: Rare Values might seem pretty boring but if it’s something that you’re really into, it’s super fun. I really enjoy adding furni and keeping an eye on value changes as it does change a lot. Also, if you are wanting to become a Habbox manager, Rare Values is for you ;).

What’s the best thing about being a manager?

Bolt660: Definitely the satisfaction of not only helping others to do well and encouraging them to progress but of helping Habbox to grow and succeed as a fansite. During the majority of my times in management, I’ve felt that my department is not just a procedure or a production line set up, but is a group of great people working together to make great things happen. My first department (News) back in 2009 almost felt like family to me because of the interaction, laughs and help that went on behind the scenes. Working with the other managers is definitely a bonus too as I’m a huge fan of teamwork. I enjoy the organisational element too and enjoy the responsibility that comes with the role in ensuring that things always run smoothly. I believe I’m quite an approachable and friendly person and these qualities allow me to always ensure I’m doing the best for my staff and department.

Expling: Best thing would have to be when I saw people in the department helping others or just seeing a staff member develop new skills from when they first joined the department, it’s just so exciting! It’s also super cool when you see everyone in the chat talking and joking around :’)

Mrs_Plant: Well with being a manager comes all the responsibilities BUT I like to think of myself as still one of the workers. It’s not fair for me to sit there and boss, I need to be doing my bit too. So I like to bond with the team, get to know everyone. Also adding my own little touches throughout the department. secretly it’s great when I can say “My Department”.

welshcake: I mean, I’m AGM but the best thing about being manager is being able to run a department yourself. I love knowing that people look up to you as manager. It is difficult, I won’t lie, but it’s nice and the power is great >:)

Does your department have any juicy gossip?

Bolt660: This almost makes me want to start up a Habbox Gossip article each month! I’ve kind of covered most things in the question about what we are currently working on! I’ve been in talks with a certain site manager though about the possibility of introducing something new to articles in the future which could be fun! Also look out at Easter for something very American!

Expling: well, there might be a sneaky little event popping out in the near future

Mrs_Plant: Yes, so Cakey (Welshcake)  and I are now official on the weekends, we have fell in weekend love over a delicate image of a pair of ass wings. From this moment on we decided from Friday to Sunday, we shall be united.

welshcake: Why did I write stupid questions like this?!

If your department was an animal, what animal would it be?

Bolt660: Well the News Department used to be a Lion apparently so we’ll stick with that!

Expling: A bear. Cute and cuddly but tough and hard working at the same time!

Mrs_Plant: Hmmm this is a hard one. I would have to say Snake. Even though we may not be seen at all times, we always sneak along and take the spotlight when we produce all our amazing graphics for the departments.

welshcake: A dragon. Mainly because it’s on the department logo.

Apart from your own department, what department would you like to manage?

Bolt660: I’ve actually managed quite a few departments at Habbox now so I have a pretty good idea of what my favourites are! The News Department (it’s name before Articles) was actually the very first department I managed back in 2009 and so will always hold a very special place in my heart. I switched over to the community side of things in 2011, whilst being Assistant General Manager of the community and being involved in the running of all of the community departments. Since then I’ve managed several departments including Events, Competitions and the Forum. I would say that if I had to chose a department to manage excluding Articles it would be the Forum as I feel I gained quite a lot of experience in moderation through my times as Super Moderator and also the community element throughout being AGM.

Expling: Help Desk – if I never got Content Manager I would’ve loved to try out HxHD Management! I love socialising so managing a team who just help people would be really cool – ahh, good old help desk times!!

Mrs_Plant: Well I have already Managed Events, so that would be a no-go again for me. I think it’s time I take over HabboxLive! Only a matter of time

welshcake: Graphics. Not because I’m good at graphics but because it’s actually a fun department to manage.

So, final question. What does the future hold for your department?

Bolt660: I guess we will have to wait for Welshcake’s Horoscopes article to figure that out! Haha, I am very encouraged by the way in which the department is heading and envisage lots of exciting things ahead. Easter is playing quite a large role in our future right now as it’s the next major event lined up. I’m hoping for lots of involvement within the Habbox Summer Spectacular this year too. We have quite a few projects lined up and these promise to not only be rewarding for the community but should hopefully heighten the profile of the department itself too.

Expling: A BRIGHT FUTURE! Hehe… hopefully we’ll see a continued on nice, hard working and dedicated staff team along with a completely up to date wiki and regular competitions/events!

Mrs_Plant: I aim for lots of fun, Lots of Graphics and just pure awesomeness! Need I say anymore

welshcake: The auction event coming into place properly!!!

welshcake (Rare Values)

Bolt660 (Articles)

Expling (Content Design)

Mrs_Plant (Graphics)

Like! 2
    MrsPlant commented on 24th March, 2016

    I Look awesome

    Bolt660 commented on 24th March, 2016

    I look gay ;l

    welshcake commented on 25th March, 2016

    I look swag

    Expling commented on 25th March, 2016

    I look young

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