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[Merc] Super Dino Arcade & Trades0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:42 pm

Owned by GoldenMerc

I haven’t been in a Casino/Arcade whichever you prefer in a while now and those I often stumble upon are seasonal ones that are themed around Halloween or Christmas regardless of what month of the year it is. I rarely see a traditional and retro-styled one that uses the good old furni but some new to ensure that everyone loves it. The other day I went into GoldenMerc’s Grabber and Arcade room and although it used typical furni such as Petal Patches, Dragon Eggs and Thrones it wasn’t designed in a way that spoke out to me. However, today I was shocked at the transformation and thought that the room was better than those I have seen previous.

The room features old furni such as Thrones and Dragon Eggs but mixes in a newer item of a Yellow Van (more on that later) and the overall look is amazing! However, breaking it down there are various positive and negative points about the room which for a Room Review need to be notified!


The use of traditional Casino furni such as Petal Patches, Thrones and Cup Trophies bring a sense of old Habbo back to the room and game – not only that but they were the days when contrasting items would work well together!
Furthermore, there are many seats to rest your Habbo feet which is always needed in a Casino as mainly you are betting thus require complete focus on the Dice – this is more difficult if you can’t sit due to lack of chairs or too many players.
Finally, the layout of the Casino is somewhat traditional yet unique, the Petal Patches are stacked in a staircase fashion but work well like that; also it makes the room appear 3D and the booths appear the highest points in the room.


I’m not a fan of the Yellow Van randomly parked there, I know newer furni is used sometimes but I believe a more expensive and sophisticated vehicle could be used. My suggestions would be the White or Black Limo you can purchase from places such as Shops and the MarketPlace
The Lodge Occasional Tables look out of place too, I think if Lodge was used more they would look better but not alone.
Moreover, the back isn’t symmetrical, there are Fountains used and Dragon Eggs but you can tell they’re on different squares. This is mainly to ensure all seats can be occupied but it just looks a bit odd!

Overall, though, I can see a lot of effort, time and work has been put into the making of the room – I’m nit picking at small details that could easily be rectified but could be seen as a positive feature to the room from other opinions. Considering the aspects I have discussed I award this room an 8/10 which could easily increase with small alterations.

If I were GoldenMerc I would be proud of the room (and I would want to give Samanfa a Throne for reviewing it)!

What are you views on this room? Would you bet there and does it interest you at all? I would love to know your views, click ‘Read More and Comment!’

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