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Mobile euthanasia units introduced in Holland!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:33 pm

People now have the chance to die on their doorstep…
In Holland, plans for an on-call euthanasia team (which will help people die in their own homes) have been given the “go-ahead” by the government. The mobile unit will be the first of its kind!
Patients that have been refused euthanasia in Holland are usually refused it due to ethical and moral issues which doctors face – every doctor has the right to choose whether they wish to allow a patient the right to euthanasia or not. However, these new mobile units will allow anyone with a severe mental illness to take part in euthanasia.
Official figures show that 2,700 people opted for euthanasia last year but campaigners are saying that the mobile units would increase this figure by an extra 1,000 people. Now, to some people this may seem like a good thing because people will finally be able to choose if they want to die without the permission of a medical worker, but there have also been some people complaining about these mobile units!
Federation of Dutch Physicians: “In the worst cases, people could die who perhaps could have received some other help.”
The Archbishop of Canterbury: “Legalising assisted suicide would be a disaster”.
After the ‘Commission on Assisted Dying’ concluded that the law could be changed allowing for assisted dying in some circumstances, Dr Rowan Williams said “a change in the law would mean life being legally declared to be not worth living.”

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