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By - Posted 9th October, 2017 at 9:56 pm The Real World

They suck, right? Who thought the working week should begin on a Monday & be 5 days long? I think the world would be a happier place if everyone worked less. We simply work our backsides off all year for a 2 week break & even then, it “can’t be between these particular dates because Janet & Kim are off then too!”

Screw you Janet & Kim.

Lack of motivation doesn’t help either – does anyone really want to wake up at 6am to face their day? I only just manage to get out of bed at 10 and even then I spend at least an hour debating if I can really be bothered. Do I really need this job? Can I pimp myself out to pay the bills?
My bed is my first love; soft, bouncy, warm, and oh so nonjudgmental. Fresh sheets & plump pillows! I’m drooling at the thought. They say it’s the easiest hello yet the hardest goodbye, and they’re so right. I’m still in my bed at the time of writing. I can’t bare the thought of leaving, and my ‘Monday Motivation’ is still buffering…

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    lucas32145 commented on 10th October, 2017

    I spent all Sunday with the illusion that it was Saturday and the bad feeling of the beginning of the week was already consuming me inside before it even started, in fact. Although the days are theoretically “biologically” similar to each other (One Friday would have a totally Sunday-like atmosphere if humans had not invented the days of the week!), I think the whole problem is inside our head. It took us about 4 days to reestablish our sanity so that all this work is beautifully dumped in the trash can on the weekend and all this cycle starts over !! When will we finally realize that the universe needs an eighth day?

    lucas32145 commented on 10th October, 2017

    Beautiful manifest!

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