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More Advanced Room Controls Enabled0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:45 pm

After a long wait, Habbo has finally enabled the more advanced controls for users’ rooms. These new include options such permanent bans and muting the entire room. Such features will come in handy for almost all Habbos, especially those who have popular rooms which receive a lot of attention from ‘trolls’ who harass and spam throughout the hotel. Another feature which will also come in use is the ability to unban users after any time period you see appropriate. 

Now this feature has been enabled it also give room owners the extra option of changing user groups rights. This allows them to change the rights of all users and users with rights. There are three options now given, who can mute, who can kick and who can ban. This lets owners create KickWars rooms without spending a lot of credits on groups. All these options are found in the new section in the room options called moderate.

After we found out the news about the new features we took a look at HabboxForum to see what the members’ reactions were. Here are some of the opinions given:

xxMATTGx: “Was waiting for these to be enabled. Fantastic news”
Philly: “I have been waiting for this forever.”

So what are your thoughts on this feature being enabled, are they good or bad? Click ‘Read More & Comment’ to tell us.

Special thanks to Bolt660 for the image.

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