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More Badges Found!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:44 pm

Two types of badges were found to be soon uploaded into different Habbo Hotels!

As events come back for a price, Sulake needs to launch more campaigns to make them as popular as they were before.
This time, Turkey was the chosen country, and since they still want to attract new members, what’s better than nine new badges?

The more Promotions you buy, the more chances you have for people to enter your room, and as more people enter your room, there’s more chance you have for them to ”Like” it! So if you buy Promotions, not only will Sulake gain a lot more money but they’ll even give out badges for it!

As you can see from the images on the sides of this article (except the bottom one of the right), there will be some competitions around the rooms to see which one is more ”liked” by other players.

Translated the information about these badges from Turkish, and their name is ”My room is the coolest!”, as their description is something like ‘‘Make a room to earn this badge and become the most popular of Habbo!”.
TOP-2000 doesn’t sound that cool, but TOP-1 sure does!

The other badge is surely a reward for buying the Executioner Hood Costume.

What do you think about them? We’d love to know your opinion!
Click ”Read More & Comment” to let us know!

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