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More bugs are 'scuttling' around Habbo!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:23 pm

There are still a few bugs ‘scuttling’ around the hotel – many people have spotted them!

For those of you who were active on Habbo yesterday, you will have noticed the huge panic over the bugs which affected trading, picking up items and your own furniture. This time, new errors have been spotted regarding tags, the group badges window, Jukeboxes and room settings and we’re here to inform you about these errors!


If you have more than 1 tag on your avatar, then the tags will be bunched up together, making the original word almost impossible to work out. We have a screenshot example of this if you’re still confused by what we mean. (Here’s the screenshot): 

As you can see, the words have merged together. The original words were; Super, Katie and Danielle, the word ‘Superee’ never existed in the tags previously.

Group Badges Window:

We’re fairly sure all users are experiencing this problem. The group badges window is refusing to open for anyone, Sulake may be updating the window or they may be fixing errors with it, no-one is 100% sure what’s happening with it.

Room Settings:

Only a small minority of users have reported this issue – they claim that when they try and change room settings, our dear friend ‘Infostand.navigator.settings’ appears! We’re fairly sure this issue is fixed now – only a few users have reported it as a problem.


This issue has only been recently discovered. People are unable to place songs into the playlist on their Jukebox (even if the playlist isn’t full). Also for some people the playlist displays as empty, yet there were songs in the playlist and the music is still playing in the room with the Jukebox.

Habbo are probably out there exterminating these bugs as you read this. So they should be fixed soon! 

Have you been a victim to one of these bugs? Do you want to express your concern over errors on Habbo? If so then click ‘Read More & Comment’ now!

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