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Music Mix: From Mainstream to Lamestream0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:45 pm

Some of you may love singing along to Justin Bieber, whilst others attempt to commit suicide over the screeching that comes out of his mouth. However, it can be argued that mainstream music is going to the landfill.

But good sir, why are you saying this you might ask. Well, mainly because we live in this business-centric world. It’s all about the money and numbers sell. Crucially, any artistry is becoming redundant. Of course we have artists like Gotye coming to the forefront, but those a few and far in between. People who manage artists nowadays have MBA’s and only care about money. They treat an artist like a toaster or a car and their main aim is to sell that artist, develop a fan base so big that even if they make various dreadful songs, they will still sell. Then once their fan base is gone, they too are deposited into the nearest trash can, rotting their lives away whilst the next ‘big’ thing takes over.

I am writing this article in reaction to recent news that Justin Bieber’s popularity is declining. In the past, he could sell out concerts easily. However, his latest tour got less than expected fanfare. In my analysis, I would pinpoint this to two factors. Firstly, his ‘tween’ fans are growing up and moving on. Secondly, people are getting fed up of his sound. One critic said he was a decent artist. Yet, he was branded by the above MBA’s as a sell-out. However, this sell-out actually works.

Thus, as I sit here in the waning hours of the night, I predict the demise of Bieber unless his MBA managers can radically rebrand him. I am also hopeful that with breakout artists such as Adele and Gotye, we will see more talent on the mainstream music scene rather than young female artists who appeal to these ‘tweens’. Let us know what you think by clicking ‘Read More & Comment’.

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