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The Habbox Awards 2021

The Habbox Awards 2021

Oh what a night! We tallied up your votes, and if you missed the ceremony you can see the winners here!

The Habbox Awards 2021
Habbo Avatars

Habbo Avatars

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Habbo Avatars
Must…Get…Higher…Achievement Score!!!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:29 pm
You’ve all seen it… that 3/4/5 digit number at the bottom of a Habbo which is called their ‘Achievement Score’. Some might claim it is ‘”a number of glory and magnificence.” Whereas others might say “yeah… it’s pointless!” So, what is the big deal with these achievement scores?! 

‘100% True Habbo’, ‘Player XX’ and ‘Landscape Designer XX’ are just some of the 696 achievements available on the hotel. Of course, these achievements shouldn’t be left alone – Sulake felt the need to introduce an ‘achievement score’ to go alongside achievements. This ‘achievement score’ will increase by 5. 10 or 15 each time you gain a new achievement! 

This prompted many users to go wild and do everything they could to boost their achievement score… even if it meant breaking ‘The Habbo Way’ (i.e. by using auto-typers/auto-clickers) and in effect, getting a ban for ‘using services that provide you with an advantage over other users’. Eventually, other users made achievement boosting rooms to accommodate the people who wished to receive a higher score in a short space of time… but this started to raise questions everywhere, especially “Is it really worth it?”

Well, let’s look at the pros and cons for achievement scores…


– A higher achievement score will make you look more like an experienced player
– It can be rather fun spending time playing banzai/freeze etc. and gaining the achievement score is an added bonus
– Gaining achievements in a ‘boosting room’ means you have more time to concentrate on important “stuff” in real life


– At the end of the day… it’s just a number
– If your achievement score is incredibly high, people may assume you are some ‘addict’.
– Some achievements require you to spend a huge amount of credits – e.g. ‘Rink Builder X’

As you can see, we have a fairly balanced pro/con situation for achievement scores… but when Sulake introduced the option of logging into Habbo via Facebook, a whole new world of opportunities arose for achievement scores.

If you login to Habbo via Facebook, then each time you gain a new achievement a post will be placed on your wall which will notify all your friends that you have received ‘the _____ achievement badge’. If one of your Facebook friends clicks on the post with your new achievement on, you and your friend (if they have a Habbo account) will receive x 2 more points compared to a regular Habbo user. So, if a user who logged in via the main site received 10 achievement points, people who logged in via Facebook could receive 20 achievement points!

Here are 3 facts about achievement scores which might interest you;

– Fozzie is the only user to have reached ‘Room Host XX’ but she can no longer access her account. Diceplaya has reached XIX but has left the hotel.
– One of the highest achievement scores on the hotel is 95,040 which has been achieved by ,Fluxx
– If we assume that all achievements will gain you +10 score (the majority do) we can gather than completing all 696 achievements will get you an achievement score of 69,600. However, that score would be doubled if Facebook is used as the login method = 139,200 and if you add the ‘starter’ achievement score for new users (310) we can estimate that the maximum achievement score possible is 139,510!

We also wanted to know what users thought about the achievement scores, and here are some opinions gathered from;

“I don’t really like the way it’s doubled using Facebook,it should be the same throughout… regardless of your login method!” ~ DJFergie

“A lot of those are people cheating to get those high scores. Anyway I think they are pointless. Don’t like the badges and wouldn’t waste my credits,time sitting in boosting rooms or making fake throne giveaways and fake telephrases to get their room time up in order to get a badge.” ~ Kirst

“I think that it has created a level of hierarchy within the system on Habbo because I, once or twice have felt ‘my achievement score is awful’ and I have increased it a bit but I wouldn’t go overboard. However, I think it does make people become more stuck up themselves which I don’t like whatsoever.” ~ Samanfa

So, what’s your opinion on the achievement scores? Are they a number that you should be proud to have or are they simply a waste of time? Share your comment by posting it below!

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