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Must listen to: Ryn Weaver!0
By - Posted 29th March, 2016 at 11:00 am Entertainment


Ryn Weaver - The Fool , and lucpix

  We all understand the need for some music aficionados to look for other mediums in pop music when all else becomes a bit obsolete, or even boring! Fortunately, in this alternative version of the Alexandria library called Internet, we can always find something to satisfy our demanding ears. And I can give you a helping hand if you are looking for pop music: We present to you the relatively new promise (It’s not a pun of her first EP: Promises.) Ryn Weaver!

It all started with this song. Our dearest Ryn Weaver reached her first avalanche success (if it does makes sense) already with her first song: Octahate, a powerful tune that complains about the lack of enough love! (As a Portuguese speaker, I do not know exactly its meaning. It seems like a mix with various ways of speaking the word Eight:. H, Octa, Ate … Is it just me?) Certainly, the little composition help by Charli XCX helped to promote this song and the artist herself, but there is something else that made it special for pop lovers, and you will love too. Regarding the structure of the music, you do not feel completely surprised. It is the same compared to most pop songs that are successful.

Nevertheless, in my opinion, there is a certain creativity that was used in those three minutes that you rarely find in a popular music. It’s weird to explain it between words (So it’s essential to listen to this song!) but the Ryn Weaver’s voice has strange powers. It’s not exactly that vocal power that allows the singer to give beautiful and overused screams that last minutes! It’s something deeper and – the best of all – unique: Besides some notes cleverly used to create an interesting vibe, it can make an effect … that gives a greater touch of originality. And it’s surprisingly worth it!

Ryn Weaver

First of all, try her first EP: Promises. You’ll find her key-songs there and if you like it, give a step forward to The Fool, her first full album. It’s highly recommended to pop fans who are constantly trying to find good songs from the other side, and I surely know that Ryn Weaver will earn the recognition she really deserves! And trust me – You’ll agree with this. 😉

 Useful Links:

♫ THE FOOL (Spotify)

♪ PROMISES (Spotify)


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