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Must-See Rooms For New Habbos!2
By - Posted 23rd February, 2017 at 11:39 pm Habbo Guides

Are you new to Habbo? Do you need ideas on where to go if you are new? Read more to find out some of the places you can go to now!

There are many rooms in Habbo so you’re probably wondering where to start. Habbo has some official rooms made for everyone to chill out – these are great for new Habbos! Let me suggest some of these rooms that you can go to!

Welcome Lounge

Here is one of the rooms made by Habbo. This is a wonderful place to start your time in the hotel. There are some lovely plants and pictures to compliment the room and there’s even a bot to make you feel really welcomed. You can chat to many new and old Habbos in the Welcome Lounge. Maybe you’d like to just sit down on one of the sofas and chill. There are some hidden areas around – can you find them? Click on the arrows to explore more of the hotel and its other official rooms!


Full of neon lights and Habbos, ClubNX is a popular room in the hotel. This is another great place to make friends – of course – and you can bust some moves on the dance floor. Ask Mandy the Bot for a drink such as milk, juice, tea, and water; just ask for one of them and she will give you the drink! Shall we hit the dance floor?


This is a fantastic room, quieter too! Maybe you want to sit on one of the benches (or the tables). Like all the other official rooms of Habbo, this is a lovely place to befriend someone. You can take a seat on one of the picnic blankets if you feel in the mood for picnics. There’s a few Habbos that you can chat to as well. There’s also some flowers that you might want to pick and give to a new friend.

There are so many more rooms to explore – official and user-made – so get exploring!

Want to get to these rooms directly from here? Click here to go to the Welcome Lounge. Click here to go to ClubNX. Click here to go to the Picnic.

Do you like the look of these rooms? Are the rooms somewhere you’d like to get to know people? Let me know in the comments section below!

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    mrkrabs commented on 24th February, 2017

    Awesome article Madison!

    madison0442 commented on 24th February, 2017

    Thanks! 😀