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Mutant Nits!10
By - Posted 12th September, 2015 at 12:44 am The Real World


 I know you’ve all heard of nits (head lice) and I also know that you all hate them. The pesky 1/8 of an inch insects feeding on the blood from your scalp, and are always reproducing and spreading – especially between young kids playing. Well, if you think they’re annoying and hard to kill, they’ve mutated!

Research suggests that nits are developing a high level of resistance to commonly used over-the-counter remedies, meaning they are becoming even harder to shake off.

The Mirror reports that researchers from Southern Illinois University found lice have developed resistance in at least 25 US states. They found many of the insects tested positive for genetic mutations; affecting the nervous system of the lice and desensitising them to treatments.

Usually the very common pest is found in young kids’ hair, but now it’s spreading to teenagers too due to the new trend of “selfies.” Teens put their heads together to fit in the picture, while the nits are transmitting from one head to the other heads! The usual treatment of just using the special conditioner and that horrible spiked comb will not work in many infestations of lice.  These lice may only be controlled by certain chemicals – some only available by prescription – and the bad thing is if we keep using these chemicals they will develop yet another resistance.

I know after reading this article you’re all probably scratching your head like mad! Sorry! I suggest you go and check your hair, family’s hair, your dog’s hair, EVERYBODY’S HAIR!!

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thms Commented on 12th September, 2015


Joe Commented on 12th September, 2015

Kill them with fire!

David Commented on 12th September, 2015


Absently Commented on 12th September, 2015

So the moral of the story is, stop taking bloody selfies or you’ll get nits

Baabycakezz Commented on 12th September, 2015

yep my dog has nits. less of the selfies from now on don’t want those pesky mutant nits.

lawrawrrr Commented on 12th September, 2015

i knew selfies would destroy the world one day

Baabycakezz Commented on 12th September, 2015

I blame the selfies not the nits

Expling Commented on 12th September, 2015

good job i dont have friends to take selfies with 😉

Zitrone Commented on 13th September, 2015

If you zoom into selfies and look closely you can see all the nits having a fun time

welshcake Commented on 13th September, 2015

ahahaha rip