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My Only Something.0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:18 pm
I stare at the blank sheet
And I can see stains
As I tear away at my soul
Ripping it into a thousand pieces
Each piece an emptiness
Full of wishes for non-existent wishes
And of false truths
Illusions become reality
And my reality is ripped away
Trapped in the middle of empty space
The earth is torn from beneath my feet
And I run against the wind
Shattered glass pours down from the sky
Daggers greeting me, cutting away at my pride
The sun burns holes in my eyes
I try to cry, but no tears fall
I hide in a dark closet, remembering,
Trying to forget what I remember
Life is a curse, and there’s nothing left of it for me
Nothing but nothing itself, my only something
Something will blossom.

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