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My Viewpoint on the Habbo Camera!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:53 pm

Today I’ve decided to give to you a little viewpoint and my own thoughts and opinions on the infamous ‘Habbo Camera’ feature that was added to the client! If you need a refresher, read the next paragraph.

The Habbo Camera was released in November of 2002, later re-released in August of 2014. The camera was an actual item that you would purchase and set to take pictures. After the initial release, Habbo found security issues and disabled it in 2008. They told the public that it would not be returning, or so we thought… The camera made it’s comeback not as an item, but a tool. It’s simple! It is to be found on the bottom left corner of your screen in the client. Photo taking is very easy; just press the red button after positioning the tool. A maximum of five taken photos are saved temporarily in the client, erased after reloading. You can save the images to your own desktop, or convert the image into a wall item. Converting them into furni costs 2 coins per conversion. Zoom, frames, effects, and other features are present within this neat tool.

Let’s get to my opinion. My first initial thought when I first saw this tool was this: Oh no, not another selfie generation. Let’s just hope that it doesn’t come down to that. I don’t want Habbo to be transferred into a different ‘era’. That has happened way too many times. For instance, you may remember the death of casinos because of underage betting. Man, was that a deal breaker for me. That was my Habbo right there! And yes, I am not a huge fan of major changes. It’s society: No one likes major change. Let me get to the point and stop merging off-topic. I am not very excited with the feature. Yes, it is neat, but look at it this way. Anyone can download a program off of the internet that can capture screenshots. Gyazo, PrntScr, Greenshot, or even the built in Print Screen feature. You get the picture. It is unneeded.

Contradicting what I previously said about the demand for a capturing system, I cannot really complain about the new contents of the camera itself. It is well developed and the line of effects are very nice, such as saturation, contrast, etc. You even have the options to control intensity. I’m interested to see what they can cram into this, since it was announced that they would soon program this into the pocket versions! It seems like they are generally focusing on improving the experience of players that cannot access the computer 24/7, which I think is great!

Where do you think Habbo will take your in-game experience, pocket editions or desktop editions, next? Give your opinion below! 

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