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New and improved rewards for Habbo offers?0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:22 pm

Are Habbo offers about to contain better rewards?

We went on our weekly visit to the ‘Habbo Research Lab’ today and we discovered something very interesting! There was a brand new poll regarding mannequins, boutique furniture and Habbo offers.

The questions on mannequins were the basic questions you would expect, “Have you used the mannequin?” “What do you think of the mannequin?” and so on. The boutique furniture questions were very similar, for example “Have you purchased boutique furniture?”, but what really caught our eye was question 16 (out of 18). The question was “How would you like to be rewarded for offers?” and included a range of answers. You can see the answers
available on this picture:

It was not possible to take a screenshot of all the options, and some people may not be able to read the writing, so here is the list of the options available:

. I don’t know
. Pixels
. Furniture
. Effects
. Habbo Club days
. Habbo VIP days
. Badge
. Credits
. Something else

Some of you may have heard of the ‘ Watch a video get a credit ‘ rumour. Only some users had access to the “offer” and the offer was only there for 24 hours – it gave users the chance to earn up to 20 credits, however some people found 14c as the limit. We’re not sure if this offer will return or if this was simply a ‘test’ of it, and we are also unsure why some users were given it, and some were not given it.

If you want to know where to find these handy polls, and give Habbo your opinion then simply search ‘ Yurre ‘ in-client and go to the ‘Habbo Research Lab’, we suggest you add the room to your favourites as polls are released regularly here!

Overall, I think the majority of people would agree that the possible new rewards for completing offers, are much better than the old rewards. I mean, having your HC or VIP extended would sound pretty “neat” to some people! So we went and asked some users for their opinion on these possible new rewards, and here they are:

SaltandVinegar!: I think the new rewards are definitely great! I would still like to receive credits as a reward though.
Teddybones: I find pixels pretty useless, most users have thousands of them and don’t use them, so I would say the extra HC and VIP days are the best!
Sqack.: The extended HC and VIP days sound pretty good!

They shared their view, now it’s time to share yours! Do you think the new rewards sound better? Will you be completing more offers? Share your opinion now by clicking ‘Read More & Comment’ !

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