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[NEW] Changes To Room Settings Panel0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:22 pm

The room settings panel has been changed to match the new ‘Create an Event’ box!

Recently the ‘Create an Event’ box got a make-over, which many were displeased with. Now the ‘Room Settings’ Panel has been changed to match the same style as the event box. There are four tabs across the top, as shown in the picture. The ‘Basic’ tab has the room name, description, category, maximum amount of visitors, tags, and the options to allow pets, allow others’ pets to eat food, and room blocking disabled. These are still the same basic settings your got when clicking ‘Room Settings’ on the old panel.

The next tab is labeled ‘Access.’ This tab is basically just what it says. These are the room lock settings, you can choose to leave your room open, visitors ring the doorbell, or that the room is password protected. This was still under the same basic settings.

‘Rights’ is the next tab. Under this tab you will find the settings for the users who have rights in your room. You can see the list of users who have rights in your room, select certain users to remove rights or also remove all users rights. This was under ‘Advanced Settings’ on the old panel.

The last tab you see is ‘Vip.’ These are the settings for people with VIP Membership. There is the option to hide room walls and to also change the thickness of the walls and floor. This was also found under ‘Advanced Settings’ on the old panel, but was still for people with VIP Membership only. 

“I quite like it, I think it looks a lot tidier and fits in better with the scheme of things.” – Publicised

“Well, I think Habbo should stop wasting time on stupid little updates like this and start sorting out its bigger problems.” – Inseriousity.

“I think Habbo should scrap all updates on the cards and make me Hotel Manager, I’ll sort it out.” – Yupt

What are your thoughts on the new look? Is it great and a move in the right direction, or completely terrible? Click ‘Read More & Comment’ below to let us know your thoughts.

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