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New chat a sham?0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:40 pm

As we all eagerly await the great unmute on the .com hotel which we know will be coming this weekend, we also definitely know that there will be a new chat system – but how much do we actually know about it and how effective will it actually be?

For those of you who don’t know, the ‘new’ chat system will basically have an extremely strict filter, which sadly – will apply to all the users, unlike the current one which you can simply turn off. Great you might think, this is surely going to be effective. However, rumour has it that you can get yourself out of this filter very easily – by simply answering five quiz questions correctly which enables you to talk freely, without the strict filter. So how exactly is that going be effective? This isn’t Habbo changing something or taking precautions, it’s Habbo  making it look like they’ve done something effective, but if you can avoid this filter by answering five questions – how will that stop paedophiles?

So now the question is – have Habbo really done something effective and made the game more safe, or have they appeared to do something, which overall will have no effect? I think you’ve worked that one out for yourselves.

Now the rational ones amongst you might say ‘okay then, if you’re criticising the new changes so much, let’s hear your suggestions– surely you must have some?’ and in fact, I have.  First of all, Habbo need to stop promoting and remove all dating rooms etc. Not long ago Habbo themselves started advertising dating, especially after introducing VIP features such as ‘kiss’ and ‘hug’ and then they act surprised when they find out the game is riddled with paedophiles…  The game has become more sexualised, especially with clothes like bra’s available – why would children want to have that?

Secondly, I believe the most important and beneficial change Habbo can make, is to make drastic changes in moderation. At the moment, the moderators are not much use at all – when you report something, there is never any action taken. I was in one of these situations several months ago after I saw a Habbo paying credits to girls to do ‘stuff’ on webcam over MSN, I reported this but strangely enough – not only was my call ignored, but it was me who ended up being banned… This again creates questions, do moderators actually read your call?

For me, it seems that Habbo fear that more investors will pull out, more users will quit and this fear of collapsing, has led them to rush their decisions and act like they’ve sorted the problem, to avoid losing more money, when realistically – they’ve just hidden it and I am more than certain, that this will not be the last we have heard of it. Their new changes have major flaws and it is only a matter of time before they become evident. 

What do you think? Will this new change be of any use or do you have any other suggestions to what Habbo could do to solve this problem?

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