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New effects driving into!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:37 pm

If you did not already guess by the title, the new effect is a car!

Just recently images have been released showing of a new effect that could rolling into Lets dive into the effect head first!

At first glance you will notice the effect looks similar to a juice box. Well if that was your guess, then your correct! The car is meant to look similar to a juice box. Why you ask? Well branded on the side of the car is the logo “Dubbel Frisss.” Dubbel Frisss is a juice making company located in the Netherlands.

The reason for the release of this effect would be that Dubbel Frisss has just released a new limited edition mandarin and banana juice box that looks very similar to the effect. Both items say “Dubbel Frisss” on them and have mandarins near the bottom of the juice box.

As for the effect itself, it has the appearance of a juice box. The overall color of the effect is a light orange color with hints of yellow in different places. At the top of the effect is a green top to represent where you would unscrew it then drink from the revealed opening. At the bottom of the effect is several mandarins and then a green outline following that goes around the whole effect. The front of the effect there is an opening where you would see your Habbo, also there is headlights and a bumper. Finally there are four wheels at the bottom. 

It is possibly that the effect could come out to but they would need to change the advertising to do so.

Would you like this effect to come out in the Hotel? Share your thoughts below by clicking on “Ream more & Comment.”

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