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New features, pets, clothes and furniture coming to Habbo?0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:22 pm

Get very excited, because some brand new additions could be coming to the hotel!

For those of you who don’t know, every week the French Hotel manager ‘ Norman ‘ provides information on new additions coming to Habbo. This week, we think you’ll all be in for a treat, as there is brand new furniture, pets, clothes and features! Want to find out…then continue reading!


There have been many rumours surrounding ‘Carnival/Fairground/Fun Fair’ furniture and we can reveal…it will be released as a furniture range. There is plans to release the furniture near Halloween ( we hope they don’t release “Scary looking” clowns).


On a depressing note, unfortunately the ‘Pet Giraffe’ will not make an entrance to the hotel. We know it’s upsetting, but cheer up because…

New pets will arrive at the end of the month! (Don’t you just wish for a pet Unicorn?). Also on a positive note – ‘Norman’ stated that the ‘Lost Monkey’ will be arriving very shortly!


A useful feature is currently being developed by technicians. A button / command which enables you to select everyone online your friend console at once, is currently being created!


A new furniture range to celebrate the ‘European Cup’ may be released shortly.

All of these additions, were announced this week. So we cannot wait to see what other additions could be arriving to the Hotel! So make sure you keep up to date with Habbox news.

Are you interested in any of these new additions? Do you want your opinion heard? Then click ‘Read more and Comment’ !

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