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[NEW FURNI] A Variety of new furniture has been discovered!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:24 pm

Brand new pieces of furniture coming to Habbo were discovered today and Boy, will you get excited!

If you still haven’t gotten over the excitement of USVA and Boutique furniture, then be prepared to go full out crazy. We have discovered 25 pieces of furniture, which are to arrive at Habbo – some of the pieces are an improvement on a classic range. The new pieces of furniture include everything from flags, to pet items and odd shaped lamps.

So, I bet you’re all eager to see the new pieces of furniture. Well, tough they’re secret here they are…

Wall items:

Only 1 wall item has been discovered which is a new flag! It’s the first time in quite a while for a flag to be introduced into the catalogue. The flag is a picture of the United Nations logo (the United Nations is an international organisations of all countries) and currently has the name “ads_flag_un”. This might possibly be introduced as part of a competition or it may just be a new introduction to the ‘flags/posters’ section of the catalogue.

HC/VIP Branded items: 
There have been 2 new items discovered, 1 with the word ‘HC’ on it and the other with the word ‘VIP’ on it. We are not sure whether they will only be available to VIP and HC members or if they will become part of the boutique range because the name of each item is “boutique_hcsign” and “boutique_vipsign”.

New lamp designs:

Two very sexy and brand new lamp designs have been discovered. The first design is a ‘bubble lamp’ (no it doesn’t squirt bubbles) which is in the shape of three balls/bubbles (ironically) and looks very stylish. The current name for the ‘bubble lamp’ is “bubble_lamp1”. There is also the new ‘block lamp’ which is likely to arrive in the pura section of the catalogue due to it’s current name “pura_block_lamp1”. The second lamp looks like an enlarged ‘pixel cube’ with 4 legs underneath it – possibly a desk lamp.

Unknown furniture:

There are 9 pieces of new furniture which are ‘blocks/stages’ with coloured tiles on top. We are unsure whether they will be released into the boutique section of the catalogue, a different section or it may even be a seperate range. The confusion is down to the current names of the furniture “eleblock1”, “eleblock2” and so on until “eleblock9”.

New pura furniture:

I’m pretty sure we’ve all experienced a piece of pura furniture and you’re probably fed up of the flat, square seats. Well, that’s all changing! Sulake have developed a new pura seat which is in the shape of ‘a slice of pizza/pie’ (we don’t know the mathematical name for the shape). It has the same style as the current pura furniture, and each of the new pura sofas is currently named “pura_roundpad1”, “pura_roundpad2” and so on until “pura_roundpad9”. Each new pura seat will contain the normal 9 colours (blue, pink, black, white, beige, blue, green, yellow and red).

Finally… pet furniture:

The horse will be arriving shortly at Habbo next week, so we suspect that this water bowl will be released alongside the horse. It currently has the furniture name “waterbowl_basic”. However, it could simply be a basic water bowl recommended for all new pets.

There’s quite a mixture of furniture coming to the hotel, so you will probably be stuck for choice! 

* You can view ALL of the new furniture arriving (the different colours and angles) by visiting here:!/NewRares.

Are you excited about the new furniture arriving on the hotel? Which one of the items above, looks most attractive? Share your view now by clicking ‘Read More & Comment’.

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