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[NEW FURNI] – Summer’s Getting Closer!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:20 pm

That’s right; we think it’s safe to say the official coming of summer in the Hotel is very close, so close we can almost feel the sand tickling our toes and the sunshine heating our backs! 
This summer looks set to be the best one yet on Habbo Hotel. New pixel effects, furni, clothes and even the return of the beloved trax are marking this summer to be one like no other. Recently discovered was a brand new furni range, including lots of exciting new pieces to help you on your way to creating the ultimate summer themed room! Included in this range is a totem, bonfire, four new trax cd’s, two palm trees and probably my new favourite piece, the summer sunset wall.  The black hole is also making a comeback, although this time it really is just black, with no twinkling stars beneath it. Overall I think the range has been very well designed, in particular the new trax machine and summer sunset wall have lots of detail but still look like they belong in Habbo.
Also found was a new piece of clothing, although this time only the male Habbos should be the ones cheering. The piece is a summer shirt with big flowers patterned all over it, and would fit in very well with the beach scene. Judging from the bright colours of the preview, we can only guess that this clothing might only be available to HC and VIP. It’s not as though the guys will be wearing their shirts anyway, as soon as the sun comes out the shirts go off and we ladies are treated, if you could call it that, to the sight of their bare chests, lovely. However hope is not lost, there may still be other clothing pieces that haven’t yet been revealed to us, so keep your eyes peeled and your fingers crossed.
I think Habbo have made a real effort to make sure there’s something in every category this summer, although it is a shame that the new clothing could only be available to HC or VIP. Hopefully the new pixel effects are available to everyone and can be brought with just pixels.

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