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New Habbo pet release?0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:16 pm
Rumours are quickly spreading across the Hotel as many excited Habbo’s state that there could possibly be another new pet…

It’s a complete mystery! The only clue we have at the moment is pet food. We know for a fact that Habbo will be releasing pet food which has led many people to think that it could mean an addition to the pet section. 
The food soon to be released looks like some sort of leaves, which most people believe means that Habbo will possibly be releasing a pet turtle or tortoise. However, that’s not the only possibility… many argue that it could also be a Koala Bear that’s released, whilst a small minority argue that there will be no new pets arriving, it’s simply just new food for current pets… but surely dogs, cats, crocodiles and dragons don’t eat leaves?
However, these news clearly haven’t gone down too well with everyone. Some Habbo’s are even angered by this, stating that Habbo have ‘pushed the limits’ and ‘crossed the border’ with the release of new pets, arguing that they miss the days where you just had the good ol’ cats and dogs! 

What do you think, is there actually going to be another pet released and if there was, how would you feel?                                                  

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