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New Habboween Furni!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:26 pm
Habboween furni is now out on Habbo, both old and new – I love new furni! There is also a brand new effect out, which costs 50 pixels.

So here is the list of the sexy new furni…
  • Coffin Sofa (it’s like a coffin – but open and you can sit on it, holds 2 Habbo’s) costs 8 credits.
  • Habboween Pumpkin (just like a pumpkin but for some reason it blows up) credits 4 credits.
  • Punch Bowl (it’s like a soup but has a nasty smell with some eye balls – eww) costs 6 credits.
  • Plate Of Eyeballs (name says it all – simply eyeballs on a plate) costs 2 credits.
  • Plate Of Brains (that’s what I call brain food) costs 2 credits.
  • Plate Of Fingers ( it’s on a plate and has fingers on it) costs 2 credits.
  • Head On A Plate ( it’s a head, on a plate! Never would of gussed would you?) credits 2 credits.
  • Wicked window (this is a very spooky window) costs 5 credits.
Have a Great Habboween but stay safe and have fun – but not to much!
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