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New Homepage Design! Success or Bust?0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:35 pm

Today with the release of the new horse furniture also came a new homepage.

Has a new homepage been on your list of updates? If so, here it is. Overall the new layout is interesting to say the least.
The most notable feature of the new homepage is the light blue background color. Interesting choice for the color.

As for the functions of the homepage, it serves as a multi-use homepage. Not only does it fit right in with the new horse furniture collection released today, but it can also take you to different rooms by clicking on things such as, “Let’s do this,” or “Let’s go!

The first button you would notice, says, “Let’s do this.” Upon clicking this it would send you to a room with a Stable Room Hopper to do the new quest of the day. A rather interesting way of getting people to the new quest. Once you have done these quests you will receive two horse shoes.

The purpose of horse shoes are quite familiar to Habbos these days. They serve the same purpose that snowflakes and shells did. The new horse shoes can get you horse furniture for free. The furniture this time around is very nice and includes furniture such as: different color Dyes, two different horse hair styles, Stable Walls, and Hay Bales. Overall some very nice furniture for it being free.

The second button says, “Take the challenge.” By clicking on this button it once again takes you to a room which a Stable Hopper is located. What is the challenge you ask? Well it is to do a certain number of jumps on a horse by the 22nd of March. How many you ask? Well about 100,000 jumps by then. This may seem like an impossible number, but it is manageable if like a reward of Pegasus Wings.

As for the third button it says, “Let’s Go!” By doing this it will again take you into a Stable Room Hopper. But the purpose for this button is not for a quest or challenge, but to simply find a room built into a nice stable. You will have no problem finding one because there are so many great stables!

The final addition to the new homepage is the installation of a a new button on the sidebar. The button is to take you to the new homepage. It is located at the top of the sidebar and is the logo of Habbo, a big H.

What do you think of the new homepage? Do you like/dislike it? Why not post your views below by clicking on “Read more & Comment?

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