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New Horse Furniture on the Way?0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:35 pm

Yes! New furniture, accessories and more!

Just today a new video showing off the soon to be horse furniture was released via YouTube. It showed off various furniture that we could be seeing in the future. Click here if you would like to view the video!

In the video it shows a Habbo riding a horse….quite literally racing it! The track included different obstacles including, bars to jump over, rock walls, and even a hoop of flame. All very exciting, and could bring a new game to Habbo.

Now lets go over some of the furniture in detail:

   Lets start on the flag. It comes in two different colors. The first is red and white and the second is brown and black. Both would be used to mark  the finish line. There is also matching poster and jumps that go with the flags. 

Something that has always been wanted for horses, is now here. Wings. Your horse can now be a majestic creature as it soars over those jumps and crosses the finish line. This update has been wanted by horse lovers everywhere. Also since the addition of a horn, wings have been needed to complete the unicorn look. Now they are here!

Another furniture that is long sought after is the use of a jump or obstacles. With the addition of this furniture, real obstacle courses and race tracks can be made for horse riding. Instead of just running from wall to wall to see who comes in first, you can soon be making obstacle courses that have twist and turns, with jumps, for a better experience. The jump, similar to the flag, also has two colors, red and white and black and yellow. As you can see the jump is still in the process of being made.

One other piece of furniture is the water jump. Similar to the normal jump, this one features a small patch of water before a low post meant to be jumped over. This jump has some questions to it through. For example, What would happen if you miss the jump? Would you fall into the water? These questions will hopefully be answered when this new update arrives!

The last piece of furniture is a track gate. This new gate looks like something you would see at an actual horse race. The doors on the gate could possibly open with a timer or wired affect.

Would you buy this furniture? Do you like/dislike it? If so post it below by clicking on ‘Read more & Comment’.

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