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NEW PETS: Monkeys & Monsters0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:18 pm
They’ve done it again. Habbo are releasing a further two pets in addition to the turtle, which has now angered a ridiculous amount of players. 
Before Habbo officially announced that they will be releasing the pet turtles, a lot of people were arguing about this, stating that Habbo have simply crossed the line with all these new so called pets. Take the dragon for example, seriously, who owns a pet dragon in real life? Infact, who has ever seen a dragon in real life? That’s right, nobody! Thus proving my point. Habbo are now releasing pets that you would not have as ‘pets’ in real life. Many people have said that they wish that Habbo just went back to the days when it was simply the good ol’ cats and dogs!  
Habbo are so caught up in their ideas on how to try and get us to buy more credits to get them more money, that they simply do not care about it and unfortunately, for those who were against ‘unrealistic pets’ this article will absolutely baffle you as you find out which two pets they will actually be releasing…
Very soon, you will see monkeys and monsters, being added to your ‘Pet’ category in the catalogue. Yes I know, I laughed too. Monkeys, fair enough. There might be something interesting there but MONSTERS? Who do Habbo think we are? Nursery kids of some sort who will find a monster appealing as a toy? I just cannot describe in words how ridiculous that idea actually is. Seriously, monsters? They aren’t even animals for crying out loud! 
Habbo have definitely crossed the line this time, because this is just simply a complete and utter joke. A monster as a pet? This only leads me to think they ran out of ideas on how to get their hands on our money! If they are releasing monsters so early in this stage, then I am horrified to think of what else they could bring out in the future…
What do you think? Interesting and excited about the two new pets? Or do you feel like Habbo are making a fool out of you?

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