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New Sub-Track for Talents0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:42 pm

A new section of the Talents system has been implemented: Habbo Citizenship.

When the Helper Tool was first released on the client seasoned members felt cheated that much newer users were able to access the same features, reminiscent of the jobs moderators do, with much less work (having to be a Habbo for just 2 weeks and be logged in only 6 hours).

Some more concerned players even suggested that this influx of newbies sent to deal with genuine help requests could lead to many unanswered questions due to Helpers who simply wouldn’t be experienced enough to satisfy them.

This recently-introduced part of the Talents track is specifically for new players, with each stage slowly revealing more about Habbo to the user. After taking the Safety Quiz, only Safe Chat is enabled, until the second level (with badges such as Online Time I) is cleared, when Full Chat is permanently unlocked. The Trading Pass is also given at this time, allowing the exchange of furni between users. Once the player has reached the end of the final level, a reward of 1 week of VIP is given. The emollient and gentle slope provided by this style of introduction is very similar to that of a tutorial mode in other games, with a trial of premium membership earned after finishing. 

Many older players have already achieved all of the criteria and therefore gain their Citizenship instantly, but for others it can be confusing when either no chat or Safe Chat is permitted and trading is deactivated. 

Even a new set of badges has been developed alongside it, the Socializer series. They are simple enough to earn, by making friends. The first, Socializer I, requires just 2 friends, whilst the final needs a whopping 900! Once the ordeal has been completed, a special Habbo Citizen badge is awarded, finalising their experience as a newbie. Finally, there is a way for users to define who really is new: look for their Citizen badge!

But what do you think? Are you an experienced Guardian who doesn’t need to worry about these starter achievements? Or are you just starting out and yearn to fulfill them? Tell us your thoughts below, but remember to be logged in!

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