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New updates arriving at Habbo!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:24 pm

Hidden in the depths of Sulake, even more updates have been discovered… 

That’s right, to add to the excitement of new furniture arriving at the hotel, more updates are going to be arriving very shortly! The updates are arriving for groups, pets and furniture, so there’s a lot to be excited about! So, let’s go ahead and announce the new updates (the first of the updates is the new image in the top right corner of this article);

Custom items:

Deep, Deep down in the ‘basement’ of Sulake – 3 new catalogue pages have been discovered! They are titled ‘Group Catalogue Category’, ‘Custom Furniture For Guilds’ and ‘Custom Pets’. This has flamed a lot of interest from Habbo users, ‘guilds’ are meant to be arriving at Habbo and there could potentially be the chance for users/owners of a guild to create custom furniture (and maybe even custom pets) for their guild. There is a lot of disadvantages and advantages of being able to create custom furniture, so it is highly debatable whether this will be introduced.

New External texts:

Here are the list of new external texts, most are related to guilds and the pet horses:



The texts highlighted in bold are possibly suggesting that some of the new features arriving at the hotel (probably guilds) will only be available for members of HC/VIP.

New codes for the Horse:

Due to the pet horse being introduced and due to it being ride-able, Sulake have developed 3 new codes/commands for the pet horse which are;

infostand.button.saddleoff=Remove Saddle

We can’t wait to try out these new commands on the horses!

Finally… group updates:

These new codes are probably suggesting that the groups are going to receive a new update, just like room settings received an interesting update. There is no clue yet though, to what the update will look like when finished. Here are the codes:


It seems like there is A LOT in store for Habbo over the coming weeks!!!

Are you excited by the new updates arriving at the hotel? Are you eager to test out the horse immediately? Or do you find these updates “boring”? Whatever your view is, share it now by clicking “Read More & Comment”.

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