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The 2020 Habbox Awards - results!

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The 2020 Habbox Awards - results!
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New Year's Resolutions0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:45 pm

This new trophy like furni has come out recently, and has captured the attention of people rather successfully.

All users will have received one of these pyramidal structures, shown to the right, in their inventories recently. When clicked on, it loads an interface which allows you to pick a New Year’s Resolution, which is to do with aiming for a certain badge. Once this is picked, you are given a set amount of time to achieve it in, after which your pyramid turns into a more trophy like structure with the badge floating above it. It also goes gold at this stage. 

The furni itself looks like the Mayan pyramids, which led some to believe it was to do with the predictions for the end of the world on the 21st December. This was most likely the case, in the hope of creating some interest for bored Habbos. Although your choice is set in stone, you can buy another New Year’s Resolution for 5c in the XMAS section of the catelogue. Below I will list some examples of the resolutions on offer:

  • Habbo Speedway Star – For driving x races in Habbo Speedway.
  • Fast Food Winner – For winning x times in Fast Food.
  • Socializer – For having x friends on your friendlist.
  • Equestrian – For jumping over x obstacles successfully.
  • Room Host – Other Habbos have spent x minutes in your rooms!

This is an interesting new addition to Habbo, with obvious reasons for when it was released, but what are your opinions on it? Tell us by clicking “Read More & Comment”.

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