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Niko Application!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:31 pm

The Niko app has finally been released into the App store! You can get the the full version for only £1.49 for UK residents and $1.99 for US residents. 

Niko is a new Sulake game for iOS devices. It is free up until you decide to buy the full game, if you do that is. The full game features 30 levels, all packed with adventure. 

You can also earn great prizes for your Habbo too! There are 5 badges to collect as well as 3 pieces of exclusive furni! 

The furni up for grabs are the Silver Niko trophy, that is gained when you buy the full game. The Gold Niko Trophy, gained when you complete all levels. Along with a secret furni! 

The game is simple, make your way through the different levels to get to the boss level and release your mates!

I quite like this game, it’s fun to play and quite addictive! What about you?

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