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Old HC system to return in Habbo20205
By - Posted 19th December, 2020 at 11:31 pm HabboHabbo2020

The old HC furni system is back!


In Habbo2020 we will see the return of the old Habbo Club system with brand new HC furni!

Read on for more information….

On the release of Habbo2020 there will be a new HC system – well saying new, it’s more of the old style system where Habbos will receive a gift each month.

When you have a Habbo Club subscription on Habbo2020 you will be able to claim your brand new HC gift.ย In the current flash client you can select any HC gift each month, or you can leave them unclaimed and carry them over to the next month and so on.

Olsoweir has confirmed via Twitter that Habbo do not plan on returning the old HC gifts, and when the brand new HC furni is released it will not be the same style/colour as the old HC system furni back in the day. This time around the colours will not be red/green but will be blue/black colouring, which I have to say I do love.

Most of this new HC furni will have different states & Habbos can interact with them, as seen on the pictures there will be a fridge that you can take a drink/piece of food from, as well as the shower that you can turn on and off.

For more information about HC checkout our HabboxWiki page & see which furni you can get each month!


Like! 6
    Sectional commented on 20th December, 2020

    Do we know what happens to any current unclaimed HC months once the new client goes live?

      Reece commented on 20th December, 2020

      Habbo has stated that the current HC gifts will not carry over into the full version of Habbo2020 and if not claimed you will lose them.

        FlyingJesus commented on 20th December, 2020

        Yep stock up on those BEAUTIFUL masks, I personally love all 125 of mine

          Sectional commented on 20th December, 2020

          Lmao, lovely… Guess 100 odd masks are better than nothing

    Jarkie commented on 20th December, 2020

    Awww, about time this comes back. I have learnt I am real lazy at selecting my own gift. So for them to just give it to me is a win win