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The Originals: Final Season0
By - Posted 28th March, 2018 at 10:17 am Entertainment

The final season of this long-running show will focus directly on the Mikaelson family and their battle against darkness and evil.

The show is a spin off of The Vampire Diaries. The Originals series first started in 2013 and has been very popular with supernatural horror fans ever since. The Originals has mainly been about a family of the first vampires in all of history and how they survive in New Orleans and destroy all those who side against them.

Spoilers ahead!

The show’s producer and long-time showrunner, Julie Plec, has come forward and explained where the season’s “Big Bad” will come from. Going by all the clues that she spilled, it has been revealed that the Big Bad is in fact The Hollow. The Hollow is an evil spirit who has a personal bloodline connection with the Mikaelson family through both Hayley (played by Australian actress Phoebe Tonkin) and her tribrid daughter (witch, werewolf, and vampire!) Hope Mikaelson, who was played by child actress Summer Fontana in Season 4.

The series’ main cast has been Joseph Morgan, Phoebe Tonkin, Claire Holt, Daniel Gillies and, Charles Michael Davis. Steven Krueger has been a guest star until last season in which he became a Series Regular alongside Riley Voelkel and Yusuf Gatewood who both became Series Regulars by season 3.

The show is ending after this season due to Julie Plec deciding to call it quits. There have been rumours by the CW network, which is what the show premieres on, about creating a possible spin off to this series but it all is in Julie’s hands.

Newcomers who have joined the cast are Wonder actress Danielle Rose Russell, Game of Thrones actor Torrance Coombs, Descendants actor Jedidiah Goodacre, and Once Upon A Time actress Jaime Murray. These newcomers will play the roles of Hope, Declan, Roman, and Antoinette respectively.

A few Season 5 spoilers have been revealed, such as when the show returns from its Time Jump at least 10 years later everyone will still be apart. Elijah (Daniel Gillies) had his memory wiped at the end of last season and has been living his life as a musician in France… completely unaware of his vampiric nature! Hope is still attending the Salvatore Boarding School for Supernatural Beings (which is founded by The Vampire Diaries stars Candice King as Caroline and Matt Davis as Alaric Saltzman), and Hayley has found herself a new love interest in a chef named Declan (played by Coombs) who is completely unaware of the supernatural world or that the woman he is seeing is part of a family of them. Rebekah (played by guest star Claire Holt) has been embracing life with Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) away from New Orleans.

However…not everyone can handle it well!

As a result of being separated from not just his daughter but the rest of his family Klaus (played by Joseph Morgan) has been on a killing spree, a unique way of handling the change.

The last lot of new spoilers that were revealed are:

Joseph Morgan, Daniel Gillies, and Charles Michael Davis will all direct at least one episode each.

Episode 3 will centre completely around Elijah’s time away from New Orleans since Season 4 ended and trying to figure out what is happening to him and why he is different from everyone else.

Former stars Sebastian Roche (as Mikael Mikaelson) and Leah Pipes (as Camille) will star in the final episode.

Both Nathaniel Buzolic (as Kol Mikaelson) and Danielle Campbell (as Davina Claire) are now married and living happily away from New Orleans.

The show’s final season (Season 5) will premiere in the US on the 20th of April and for everyone in Australia it will be the 21st.

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