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Ozzy's Game Corner: Croc Legend of the Gobbos0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:53 pm

In Croc, you are free to roam and explore each level. Croc’s main attacks are his tail whip, or similar to Mario, you can stand above something then do a powerful kind of stomp that is able to break through certain things like crates. Croc can also swim in some levels. Like in Sonic, Croc collects crystals which act as your defence from death. Get hit without any and you will die. Any crystals you have at the end of a level are saved up, when you reach 100 Croc gets an extra life.

As the game starts up, The Gobbo King Rufus is watching the sunset when he notices a small basket with a baby crocodile in it. The Gobbo King decides to adopt the baby crocodile, named Croc into its Gobbo clan, raising him as one of their own. The Gobbo King trains Croc, teaching him how to fight. Croc eventually grows to be 3 times bigger than the Gobbos, which causes the Gobbo King to faint after he does a double take. The clan were a peace loving bunch, but trouble soon came when the evil Baron Dante invades Gobbo Island, with the help of his Dantinis. Baron Dante imprisons many of the Gobbos, including the Gobbo King. But before the Gobbo King is captured, he summons the yellow bird, Beany by hitting a magical gong, to protect Croc. Beany shrinks Croc enabling him to take Croc to safety. After this, Croc becomes determined to rescue all the Gobbos.

Each level you enter has 6 Gobbos for you to save, one of which is locked behind a door right at the end of the level, you can only get the last Gobbo if you collect 5 coloured crystals throughout the level. Some of these are in open spaces for you to collect, but others are a little more difficult, sometimes you have to be in a certain spot and do a stomp attack 3 times or so, it differs. For you to complete a level, you need to find one of the Beany Gongs at the end of the level. You are able to move on without all of the Gobbos in the level, but to complete the game completely you need to have them all. Collecting all the Gobbos before a boss level actually unlocks an extra level where you can obtain a Jigsaw Piece. When you collect all of the Jigsaw Pieces, a new island unlocks which is where you will find Baron Dante.

Croc has four different Islands originally, five if you do what I’ve said in the paragraph above.
In each Island, there are 6 normal levels. After the third normal level there will be a Guardian level. This is pretty much the boss levels in this game. You collect no Gobbos or coloured crystals, however there are normal crystals (50 to be exact) for you to collect for health against the Guardian (boss). After you complete the final three normal levels for that Island, you will come across another Guardian level. After both Guardians have been defeated, it’s on to the next Island.
The first Island is the Forest, second is Ice, third is Desert, fourth is Castle and finally Crystal.

The enemies in this game are the Guardians already mentioned. The most common are Dantinis. There are many different kinds of Dantinis, from running to ice. Each have their own kinds of abilities, so watch out for them; they are usually pretty easy to stomp on though. There are also Worms in a Well, it’s exactly what you think it is, a worm in a well. Just avoid these if you can. There’s also Burrowing Worms that are underground, you will see where they are. Be careful when they pop up. Fire Balls will hurt you, they jump up from Lava Pits, so if you see any around, beware that there will be Fire Balls too probably. Also, as in most games there are bottomless pits which is an instant death. Various other pits are around which will cause you the loss of crystals, if you’re not holding one then you will die.

This was one of my most favourite games for the original Playstation. I remember I got this game in either 1997 or 1998. I found Croc to be quite cute to play as, but some people would say he’s annoying with the sounds he makes when he attacks or just moves to be honest. To me, this just added to his cuteness. I did find that the controls were a bit awkward to use but after a while you get used to them. I’ve watched some videos and some people make the controls look a lot worse than what they actually are. I love the music in Croc, it is usually pretty upbeat. I think because Sonic appealled to me so much, I enjoyed this game aswell. They are obviously two completely different games, but I found them both very enjoyable.

Croc isn’t really a long game, I’ve said pretty much what the game is about so this won’t be one of my long reviews. Hope you enjoy reading anyway, until next time.

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