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Ozzy’s Game Corner: PlayStation’s 20th Anniversary1
By - Posted 14th September, 2015 at 1:36 pm Entertainment

So, Sony’s first ever console, PlayStation (or PlayStation One) is coming up to it’s 20 year anniversary!

The first PlayStation was first released in America 20 years ago. It was a major success, launching with games like Rayman and Ridge Racer. Throughout the years Sony would release some fantastic games, each with “for it’s time” graphics. Can you believe that? Can you imagine having to use memory cards to save your games? I needed at least 5 to hold all of my game saves! And I had lots of games, since it was also possible to (albeit illegally) chip your PS1 to play ripped games put onto a new disc, usually costing about £5. Well, let’s take a look through some of my favourite games!

was an exclusive for the PS1, which was the first ever game developed by Insomniac Games who later went on to bring us the likes of Spyro the Dragon and Ratchet and Clank. Disruptor was similar to Doom. You went around destroying robotic and alien enemies, going from different planets when a mission came up. You played as Jack Curtis who was a new recruit who quickly flew up the ranks when successfully completing a mission. It was a very fun game and is probably solely responsible for spawning my love for Shoot’em up games.

Next is Worms, PlayStation’s answer to Lemmings! You play as Worms (could you guess?) who go around trying to kill each other making use of an arsenal ranging from homing rockets to exploding sheep. I love the Worms’ names too, they’re pretty great; Fluff, Rusty and Jasper are my favourites. Many a fun time was had playing this.

Another of my firm favourites has to be the Die Hard Trilogy where you must play as John McClane, the unluckiest cop ever. In this game you effectively get three full games in one. It keeps in tune with the order of the first three movies, with the first game an FPS in a building. You have a number of bad guys to kill and must try to rescue all of the hostages. After you complete a level, you must make it to the correct elevator within 30 seconds to disarm a bomb, otherwise the building is blown up and it’s game over.

The second game is based on Dallas Airport. It’s similar to a Time Crisis game you may have played at an arcade, using your controller to aim correctly at the enemies. Not much more to say on this one.

The best of the three is Die Hard With A Vengeance, where you drive around in a car. You must race to the next armed bomb, whether it be a stationary one or a car fitted with a bomb, and destroy it by crashing into it (not the conventional way to disarm a bomb, I know!) before it detonates and the whole area of the city you are in blows up! I’m sad to say that I never did fully complete any of these, but they were awesome all the same.

Last but by no means least is LMA Manager, which was a football manager simulation game where, unlike FIFA, you just had manage the team. This paved the way for my love for Football Manager on the PC. I always enjoyed this game, and it was a great game to play with my brother.

I’ve missed some of the bigger titles, but they’ll be coming soon. Until then, let me know your favourite PlayStation one games – if you were around then of course!

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    David commented on 15th September, 2015

    I never actually played Disruptor but the other ones you mentioned were excellent. That era had the greatest games, even some today don’t really live up to them. Stuff like Driver, Tekken, Soul Blade, Spyro, Crash, Spiderman, Oddworld, Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy, Metal Gear…. Don’t make ’em like they used to.

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