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It's the Habbox Summer Spectacular!

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It's the Habbox Summer Spectacular!
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Ozzy's Game Corner: Resident Evil Revelations 20
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:53 pm
Capcom had promised a return to its roots however and it seems to be making slow steps in the right direction. 
Revelations 2 is split into 4 episodes, with 2 sides per episode, like Resident Evil 2 there’s a Claire side and there’s another side with another familiar face. Barry “You were almost a Jill-Sandwich” Burton is back. There is the standard co-op which has been there since Resident Evil 5, so who are the other two people I hear you ask? Well, Barry Burton’s daughter Moira has been teamed up with Claire and almost in a kind of The Last of Us way, Barry himself has been teamed up with a young girl. This young girl, in true Resident Evil style, is supernatural.
Team Claire starts off the game with Claire blasting her way through undead creatures, whilst Moira helps – by stunning the undead with a torch. Seems the young Burton doesn’t share her father’s affiliation with guns. Claire’s story seems to fulfil fans’ need for their horror fix, but all in all, Claire’s section feels too rushed, pretty much like a lot of the previous but recent Resident Evil games. 
Team Barry however, offers up the puzzle side of things which Resident Evil fans of old have wanted more of. This side of the game is a lot slower than Claire’s, which is nice in contrast, but Barry’s side does feel a little too long, which does sound a little odd considering what I’ve said about Claire’s story. It seems Capcom are at least trying to return to the Resident Evil of old, but still not producing what is expect of a Resident Evil game.
This game’s co-op is more essential than in Resident Evil 5 or 6 and really it’s a game you should probably play with somebody else as opposed to single player because typically, the AI isn’t all that great but I’ve grown to expect that from a Resident Evil game. In both the pairings, you have a character who plays as the attacker, Claire and Barry, whereas Moira and Natalia provides support with being able to find hidden items and attacking with melee weapons.
In Revelations 2, zombies hit hard so you’re going to want to dispatch them as quickly as possible. 
Finishing each episode lasts 2 hours each so that’s 8 hours of game play, with extra things such as Raid mode. 
All in all, I think Resident Evil Revelations 2 is trying to get back to its roots, but I’m not entirely sure it will ever please all its fans. I honestly love the 2-player aspect of Resident Evil, but I’m pretty sure this may be one of the things that makes the game not as scary as the first. When playing with another person, things I may have found scary on my own, just doesn’t scare me the same way, but perhaps that is just me? 
I give this a 6/10, it losing marks mainly due to the replacement of the voice actor of Claire.

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